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Lisa's Accomplishments

Restoring integrity to Philadelphia’s election system and strengthening confidence in the voting process by increasing transparency:

  • Modernizing the City Commissioners’ website to allow candidates to download their nominating petitions.

  • Designing a new online platform that will allow voters easy access to campaign finance report.

  • Working on launching a new online candidate voter guide.

  • Obtaining the first raise in decades for the poll workers who keep our elections running.

  • Launching social media platforms to educate voters where they get their information.

  • Overseeing procurement of new voting machine will make it even easier for voters to cast their ballots while increasing security and voter confidence in our elections by providing paper ballots for recounts.Improving election turnout by educating and registering eligible voters.

  • Partnering with the Philadelphia School District on a new effort to educate students on civics and the electoral process.

  • Working with the NAACP on PSAs to increase turnout in Philadelphia’s diverse communities.

  • Registering college freshmen by working with local universities.

  • Launching a voter registration drive and absentee ballot program with the ACLU and Philadelphia Department of Prisons to ensure that eligible inmates can exercise their right to vote.

  • Attending countless community meetings to register voters and explain our election process.

  • Successfully oversaw local elections with record-breaking turnout.




PO Box 22535, Philadelphia, PA 19110