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These individuals and organizations are supporting

City Commissioner Lisa Deeley for re-election.


Edward G. Rendell

“I am pleased to endorse Lisa Deeley for re-election as County Commissioner. Lisa was chair of the commission and guided us through a tumultuous presidential election in 2020 as well as a vigorous off-year election in 2022.
The most amazing thing you can say about her leadership is despite hundreds of workers and
lawyers examining our voting and tabulations no one can find one iota of fraud or error.
Although Chairman Al Schmidt got a great deal of the credit for this it would not have been done
without Lisa’s energy, diligence and commitment to preserving the integrity of the vote. She
should be elected overwhelmingly.” - Ed Rendell, former Pennsylvania Governor and Philadelphia Mayor. 

Philadelphia Young Democrats





PO Box 22535, Philadelphia, PA 19110