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City Commissioners Chairwoman Lisa Deeley Announces Bid for Re-election

City Commissioners Chairwoman Lisa Deeley kicks off reelection campaign with key endorsements
Deeley pledges to continue voter outreach, election modernization in second term

PHILADELPHIA, PA (February, 21, 2019) -
City Commissioners Chairwoman Lisa Deeley announced her reelection campaign today, flanked by friends and supporters, including Mayor Jim Kenney, City Council President Darrell Clarke, former Congressman and Democratic Party Chairman Bob Brady and local activist Anne Wakabayashi.

Deeley, who took office three years ago and serves as chief overseer of Philadelphia elections, pledged to continue modernizing the voting system and expanding access to the ballot in her second term.

“During my first term, we worked hard to turn around an office that had its fair share of challenges,” Deeley said. “Our goal was simple: To restore the people’s confidence in our election system and trust in the board of commissioners. I’m happy to say that we’ve achieved this goal, which is so important to a healthy democracy.”

Deeley, who presided over a series of elections with record-breaking turnout, touted her many successes in expanding voter engagement and awareness — from teaching civics lessons in Philadelphia schools to working with the Philadelphia NAACP on a series of public service announcements to provide information about upcoming elections.

“We’re working with local colleges and universities to get every freshman registered,” Deeley said. “And we’ve worked with the ACLU and the Philadelphia Department of Prisons to ensure that detainees who are eligible to vote are registered and know what they have to do to participate in our election process.”

Deeley has also worked to update and modernize the City Commissioners, providing for the first raise for poll workers in decades, launching a social media presence for the office and working with the city Ethics Board on a new campaign finance website that will make it easier for candidates to make filings online.

And just yesterday, Deeley announced the selection of a vendor to replace Philadelphia’s aging voting machines with modern, secure system that provides an auditable voter-verifiable, voter-marked paper ballot.

“Lisa Deeley has restored voters’ faith and trust in Philadelphia elections,” said Mayor Jim Kenney. “We need her experienced leadership guiding the city commissioners over the next four years — a time that will include the 2020 presidential election, which will be the most important election in our lifetimes.”
“Lisa has spent her career in public service, following in the footsteps of her mother, who served as Philadelphia’s first female sheriff,” said party Chairman and retired U.S. Rep. Bob Brady. “Lisa’s only goal is to serve the people of Philadelphia by ensuring every eligible Philadelphian has access to the ballot. We’re lucky to have someone like Lisa at the helm, and I’m happy to announce the Democratic City Committee’s endorsement of such a qualified public official.”

“Lisa is focused on making sure that low-income and minority groups have the information they need to get to the polls,” said Council President Darrell Clarke. “I’m particularly impressed by her outreach to detainees in Philadelphia prisons, where her office has worked to make sure everyone eligible is registered and has access to absentee ballots so that they can exercise their fundamental democratic rights. We need people like Lisa running our election system, which is why I’m proud to endorse her candidacy.”

“Lisa’s political career is a shining example for the many women who are responding to our current political environment by seeking elected office,” said local activist Anne Wakabayashi, which works to recruit women to run for elected office as Democrats. “We need more women like Lisa charting a progressive course for our city and our commonwealth. I’m honored to stand with her for her reelection.”



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